About Free Thinking Life

Here at Free Thinking Life we believe the world, us, you and me are imprisoning our thoughts in Failings and Failure. It is so easy to accuse each other of failings; and then voicing that our endeavours are failures. Even officials are joining in with “naming and shaming” in light of reported failings.  It isn’t news any more. We aren’t surprised by failures. And yet nothing seems to get better, and we’re beginning to believe that back story.

This blog site is a collective project to seek out how to think, write and speak phrases in search of success. An alternative to phrasing our narratives in terms of Failings.  Even when people are pointing out our failings! Even when we do it to ourselves; can we develop the active thinking skills to switch effortlessly from Failings to….!! Ah Yes, that’s the point! What is the word that describes what underpins success.

I have an idea of what that …!! word is. We’d like to help you explore what that word is for you. This project will succeed when everyone on the planet is free to think towards success in their life. Living without the need to fear failure or failing. Alive and free to embrace failure and success together in the unity of finding out what works.

For too long we’ve tried to govern ourselves through extensive attention to failings.

It isn’t working!

So join us on a journey, a quest for what gives rise to success, whatever you do on this planet.

Use the blog posts to open your thinking to possibilities besides failings.

We look forward to seeing your replies to posts; which may even spark some new posts!